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From Silver Comet Express by Paul Mulvey

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Paul Mulvey replied to a comment by John Pescatore on Route, Itinerary, Equipment

Thanks for looking through the journal. I have a 10L Sea-to-Summit Event compression dry sac looped over my aero bars ( That's it. I found for me it worked better than any other off-the-shelf solution. The dry sac contains my shelter (hammock, tarp, suspension, bug net, 4 stakes). And it all compresses into the space between my shifters. Cheers!

5 years ago
John Pescatore commented on Route, Itinerary, Equipment

What bar bag are you using? I want to try some credit card style touring on my road bike, have a good expandable saddle bag but looked at Apidura and Revelate bar bags in REI and they look huge - hard to believe wouldn't interfere with STI shifting.

John P.

5 years ago
Paul Mulvey replied to a comment by Bennie D. Barfield on Birmingham’s beverage and pastime of choice

@Bennie - you should ride again! Until yesterday I had never ridden the CL, only the SC. It’s really a nice trail, and I’m happy I could ride the whole thing through back home today. Even with it raining all day today. If you’re camping, there’s a campground at the CL trailhead for $25 night. I didn’t stay near the CL trailhead - I came in from Pell City so it was a bit of a hike to get to the trailhead.

6 years ago
Bennie D. Barfield commented on Birmingham’s beverage and pastime of choice

Looking forward to CL/SC ride.. When I lived in the Atlanta area(10 years ago) I rode SC twice a week with "the chain gang" with a complete tour taking in CL usually bi monthly.. I really miss that place!!

6 years ago