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April 4, 2018

The big wait

I’m watching the weather channel and a show about sinkholes. What does this have to do with a bike tour? Only that it shows I’m waiting for tomorrow to being the trek back to the Atlanta area. Today’s journey was all about logistics - getting from Fairhope AL (by car) and then getting dropped off at the airport motel to begin the trip tomorrow. 

Antique fire engine in the Fairhope museum of history
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Sine my drop-off point occurred about noon, I rode off to the Southern Museum of Flight. They had quite a nice collection, one of the most impressive pieces was the MI-24 “Hind” helicopter. While it was a very formidable piec of military equipment used by the Soviets durig their Afghanistan war, it was not very maneuverable, and excessive controls could lead to the pilot crashing to rotor blades into the tail boom. That would ruin one’s day.

Excellent example of MI-24 “Hind” Soviet helicopter
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The pool at the America’s best Inn outside my room. I don’t think I’ll go for a swim
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Final pack up awaiting tomorrow’s ride!
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Today's ride: 7 miles (11 km)
Total: 7 miles (11 km)

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