Day 6 - Round Trip Furnace Creek Camp to Golden Canyon to Zabriskie Point: This was an easy ride? How quickly things change! - Jack and Janet PhotoBike Tour -Death Valley 2011 - CycleBlaze

March 3, 2011

Day 6 - Round Trip Furnace Creek Camp to Golden Canyon to Zabriskie Point: This was an easy ride? How quickly things change!

I am not sure if it is the stress of wondering if the car is going to make it home or if we are just really tired from all the hills (which I will say again-do not look so much like hills when you start). We decided to ride down to Golden Canyon where I could walk up the canyon and photo-op and Jack would just hang out and enjoy the view. It was a great ride to the Canyon mostly downhill....which of course would be uphill on the return. I walked the Canyon which was beautiful but the sun was shinning so bright today it was not a good day for pictures. I didn't want to be away to long so turned and headed back to Jack's waiting spot. As I tried to move my bike it seemed like it was break locked and I looked down and notice a flat on my front tire. This is the third one in a month....think I am done and why couldn't I have noticed it before I went on my walk? Now we need to fix it and it will be another twenty/thirty minutes or so. I should not say 'we' as Jack does all the flats. I do know how but he is just really a lot faster which is good for me.

After fixing the flat we headed back up towards the junction in the road and on towards Zabriskie Point. I need to say that this was not my best day. I was not in pain was able to move the bike forward and I still felt like I just wanted to stop....get it over with. I was not having fun. I believe it was a combination of several factors. 1) car was if'y at best 2)my brain was on over flow from all the new things I was trying with my photography and all the info I was taking in every night at the gatherings. What wonderful pictures I was seeing and all the information I was being given-just amazing. 3)I tried to make it a bike and photo trip. It is difficult to place all of your attention on one thing when you are trying to do two-I do not know that I would do it this way again. While I love taking pictures while I am on my bike - I really was trying to concentrate on photography. I did learn a lot-tried a lot of new moves and I was tired. The point finally came and we were able to turn and head downhill for 6 miles! It was so great....

Golden Canyon
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Jack waiting for Janet...
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Camp guest Mr. Roadrunner
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Yes.....they are fast!
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The Land Yacht
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Dinghy Garage
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Our tent is a little smaller!!
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Today's ride: 20 miles (32 km)
Total: 101 miles (163 km)

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