Day 7- Friday March 4th: Leaving...........not on a jet plane - Jack and Janet PhotoBike Tour -Death Valley 2011 - CycleBlaze

March 4, 2011

Day 7- Friday March 4th: Leaving...........not on a jet plane

The week has come to an end....sometimes they fly and sometimes not. This was a fly-by. We truly enjoyed our time in Death Valley and want to come back soon. While it was a really long drive.......600+ miles one way - we will do it again. I learned so much this week. Especially about in DV it can change in the time it takes you to get your camera out. So, number one is always be 'at ready'. I/we had such a good time trying to see all that we could and still enjoy time for photo shoots. Jack and I are an amazing team. We work really well together and I can not imagine doing this without him and feel it is the same for him.

While I am aware my photos are strictly amateur  (no claims otherwise)it brings me great joy to take them and share them. Hope you all enjoy.

We headed out early for Pahrump and the Hi-Tech Muffler Shop (also known as Bradley's Auto Service). We arrived by 9:30Am and were first in line for service. Brad the owner is a big burly guy but seems to be very knowledgeable and good at what he does. Jack noticed right off how clean his shop is....Jack feels that really tells you a lot about a person. He was able to diagnose the problem and suggested that we only needed to switch out the spark plugs and we would be on our way by noon. This was amazingly good news as we had all sorts of worse case scenarios going on in our heads...and with Brad's help this was a very best case scenario.

We were in the car and on the road by 12:30PM. Jack drove for the next eight hours until we arrived safe and sound in our home. We are constantly amazed at just how large a state California is. Death Valley park by it's self is the size of entire state.

The car performed great all the way home and while I would have liked to have taken the picture of my life on this trip - don't think it happened. 

Edit: Added journal May 1, 2018. Still working on process....

Not leaving by train either...
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Scott AndersonThanks for sharing this, Janet. Death Valley is one of our favorite places in the world - we were just talking it up to a biker from New Zealand earlier this week. Great pics!
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3 years ago
Rich HarrellGuess who worked at Beaty's Auto Service part time for around 20 years :)
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2 years ago