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August 31, 2022

Touring Trento

Today is a day for not being in the car, organizing for our departure, and checking out the town a bit more.   

After a streetside muffin and coffee breakfast (Bottega del Caffè Dersut - just OK), we started out with a visit to the Castel del Buonconsiglio, which sits above the old town of Trento.  In addition to the great architecture, it contains a museum with a really good historical narrative of the Trentino and Sud-Tyrol.

Gardens of the castle
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It rained last night and the air was crystal clear.
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Renaissance courtyard inside a medieval fortress
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A stunning view over the city
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Inside the castle
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More courtyards - with orange trees in pots
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We headed back to Piazza del Duomo for a light lunch (Caffé Portici - not recommended), and then back to the hotel for a short siesta.  After a bit of rest, we decided to walk up to the Orrido di Ponte Alto.  It was a bit of a walk, but it looked interesting in kind of a weird way and we felt like we could use a bit of exercise.

Within a couple of blocks we were climbing out of town on steep twisty streets and stairways.

We’re already eye-to-eye with the castle.
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We had an enjoyable, if occasionally sun-baked 3k walk to the Orrido.  For 6 euros each, we tagged along with an Italian -language tour.  It was actually pretty cool!   Lots and lots of water rushing through an incredibly deep gorge.

Orrido di Ponte Alto
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There are a few man-made interventions in the canyon, designed to control the erosion.  My Italian wasn’t good enough to understand the reasons, but the force of the water was pretty impressive !

You can’t see the water at the bottom - too much spray!
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Scott AndersonDramatic shot!
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1 year ago
Rich gets an abbreviated English explanation from the tour guide.
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The final piece of the tour was a descent down a circular staircase to a viewing platform BEHIND the waterfall.  It was very cool, very wet, and very very loud.

Behind the waterfall
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After an uncomfortable walk back into town (no sidewalks, lots of traffic, and it was raining), we cleaned up at the hotel and went back out for the best meal we’ve had here by far:  Dinner at « Antico Pozzo ».  Great artisanal pizza - worth checking it out if you’re in town.

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