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September 3, 2022

Day 1 - Rosenheim to Breitenbach am Inn

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It feels good to be finally riding!

We once again had breakfast in the hotel.  We’re unclear on whether it was included in our room price, but so far they haven’t charged us or even asked for our room number.  It was a good spread and we were adequately fueled for today’s efforts.

The first order of business was unshrinking the tandem.  About 30 minutes sufficed to replace the short boom tubes with the real boom tubes, put the timing chain on, and fiddle with everything to get the shifting and brakes working properly.

We checked out and headed off from the not-so-secure bike storage room.

You can see. No door. And it opens into a public parking garage. Thank goodness for honest Germans!
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It’s always a bit tricky navigating out of towns and today was no exception.  We had a bit of everything:  Riding between apartment buildings, on gravel and dirt paths, and even across the grass of a park.  The route planner was feeling somewhat sheepish.

But eventually we emerged onto the banks of the Inn with Austria dead ahead.

It was a beautiful morning, too!
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From that point, we had a blissful morning ride as the mountains got closer.  We had some forest, some farms, and always the river.

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We went off-route in Oberaudorf to get some lunch supplies and find some « facilities ».  (Hint:  there’s a public toilet in the center of the village next to the tourist office)

After some less-than stellar km alongside the noisy autobahn, we entered a quieter stretch and found a bench to eat our apple/cheese/water lunch.

Lunch stop near Kiefersfelden
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Shortly after lunch, we rolled into Austria on a well-surfaced path.   The autobahn remained blissfully on the other side of the river.   The impressive  castle at Kufstein welcomed us to a new country.

Kufstein castle
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After Kufstein, the valley opens up a bit.  A small tailwind did its part and pushed us through a lot of open country until we arrived in bustling city Wörgl.  We dodged pedestrians on the busy main street and skirted large groups of musicians milling around in traditional dress.  Evidently there was a party happening somewhere!

We were starting to lose energy, so took a good long break on a bench in front of a roadside shrine.  That perked us up for the final push into Brietenbach am Inn.

A cool covered bridge near the end of the ride
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And beautiful Bavarian style houses, too
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You can’t be far from Austria when you’re seeing onion-dome churches
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We rolled in to our destination, the Gasthoff Schopper, and were quickly installed into a comfy room.  We did a bit of shopping for tomorrow (Sunday) in the adjacent Spar market before dinner in the gasthoff.  

How do they do that with the flowers?
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Steve Miller/GrampiesIt really is amazing. Ours never look like that.
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1 year ago
Keith KleinHi,
I’ve been wondering that for years.
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1 year ago

A great Austrian dinner with a great Austrian beer and then to bed.  More riding tomorrow!

Today's ride: 67 km (42 miles)
Total: 67 km (42 miles)

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Scott AndersonNicely done. The ideal length for a bike ride.
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1 year ago
Rachael AndersonSounds like you had a great first day!
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1 year ago