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May 24, 2022

T - 3: Tuesday

My favorite colors are fluorescent and black
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Today's highlights so far are the discovery that my clothes dryer's heating element isn't heating, washing the dessicated remains of what was once¹ a packaged sausage out of my handlebar bag, and a test of my combination light, speaker, and powerbank.

I wish I'd recorded what was among the stuff I threw in the two bags I took with me when I dropped the bike off as it would give me a better idea of what I still need to find. Some things (like medication or my shoes) are easy cause I hadn't purchased them yet, but other items are a total crapshoot.

The short right leg makes shoe shopping even more complicated than just having size 42 feet
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My midday work break involves proofreading an academic paper that uses Milton's Paradise Lost as an allegory for class struggle and translating a prime piece of BCB² on the topic of full process democracy for the masses.

The bill for stripping down my bike, cleaning and oiling and adjusting everything, and storing it most of the past 8 months because I wasn't terribly urgent with needing it back and therefore it was always in line behind other customers comes in at CNY 600. I also pay my shop CNY 700 for the new dynamo-less front wheel, and CNY 250 for the packing and shipping service which will see me arriving at the shop in Tangshan to an already re-assembled bike.

Tomorrow I plan to acquire additional coffee beans and have lunch with the Argentinian Consul General emeritus because, of course, if anyone like that is living in my city, it's practically my duty as my parents' child to be friends with him.

The lack of wrinkles makes me think BeautyCam was turned on
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¹ Luckily(?) the package was a little bit open and in the intervening 10 months since I last used my handlebar bag, the contents were mostly consumed by insects.

² Short for "Boring, Communist Blather", I acquired both the term in Chinese and it's English abbreviation from a government client who is also a Party member.

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