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June 18, 2022

I2 - 2: 石家庄

Restaurant Owner and me
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On all the many many Tours that took place before I started becoming famous online, there were always occasions where people just randomly did really nice things for me, fed me, gave me water, sometimes even insisted on shoving money¹ at me to help pay for my trip. Now however, it's been amplified and then some. 

As my video editing skills have progressed from doing my best to say each part of the sentence I've decided to say during a different clip to actually having transitions, voiceovers, and even different speeds, I've gone from posting throughout the day to mostly posting in the evening after I've taken the time to actually make something coherent. This not only means people are less likely to know where I am right now, it also means that videos are often heating up three or four days after I've left a place.

Stuffed with mutton and turnip and baked
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Not that this stops people from specifically tracking me down to deliver cold drinks or to organize a meal with me, but it definitely affects my ability to take advantage of the offers to stay at a specific guesthouse, eat at a specific restaurant, or try out a specific fun activity.

Today, however, because I'm hanging with my old friends (who aren't letting me pay for anything), when the owner of a very expensive and very high end mostly mutton based restaurant sees my TikTok on the North Gate of Zhengding's City Walls², I'm not only still around to try it out, I've got extra stomachs I can bring with me (so that more food can be tried), and because they actually have modern conveniences—like an apartment and a car—the owners of those stomachs have access to a refrigerator.

Chopped liver
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Almost an egg salad
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Chocolate ice cream
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The ribs won't be quite as good the next day but they're still damn good.

¹ I'm not sure why, but this one always bugs me.

² Currently well on its way to being the fourth 100,000 view video this trip

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