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October 1, 2020

Weather To Leave Today?

Just Another Day in West Michigan

I awoke this morning at 5:00 am in anticipation of the adventure that awaits.  Made coffee, oatmeal, admired my fully loaded touring bike and was having just a delightful early morning alone with Bullwinkle the family yellow lab.

Bullwinkle, the family dog.
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That is until I was jolted by this lovely announcement from the National Weather Service:

Showers Thursday; Continued Cool Through the Weekend

Showers (a few thunderstorms too) will become more numerous after sunrise Thursday. Small hail will likely occur with some showers and storms. Waterspouts are possible over Lake Michigan. Cold temperatures and clearing skies Thursday and Friday nights will bring frost to much of Lower Michigan, and freezing temperatures to parts of Central and Northern Lower Michigan. Read More >

Thunderstorms, hail, and a frost to boot on October 1st.  For all those wondering why I am leaving west Michigan for the winter this sums it up perfectly.  Thank you National Weather Service!  
Now, if it were just raining today I'd postpone the trip start date till tommorrow.  Easy enough, right.  Though, tommorow's forecast looks equally ominous also with frost and thunderstorms in the picture.  In fact, south of me, which is the direction I'll be headed, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday is rain.  Balderdash! 
Given this conundrum which mother nature has dealt me, yes, personally dealt me, the plan is to leap frog between stores with overhangs today.  I only have 35 measly miles planned so I just need 3 hours of a break in the rain to get my first days miles in. 
On a positive note, heres a first look at my lovely touring bike.  With all the bells and whistles, it almost doesn't look like a Schwinn anymore.

My piece of Schwinn
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Day 1 riding in the rain report to come...

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