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September 21, 2020

Gear List

Update: 10 days until departure.  Here's my starting gear list...

Gear List:

Bike: Schwinn Passage 1997

Attached to the bike: 

Front rack: Axiom Journey Low Rider

Rear rack: Topeak Explorer

Saddle bag: Schwinn

Top tube phone bag: Rockbros

2 Front panniers: Ortlieb Front Roller Sport

2 Rear panniers: Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

Handlebar bag: Topeak Drybag 7.5L

Side view mirror

Cycling computer: Sigma Wireless

Front light: NR

Rear light: Trek

Additional Rear light: Topeak

Pedals: Shimano platform/spd dual sided
Kickstand: Greenfield

2 water bottles

Clip: on handlebar for route notes

Maintenance kit:

2 inner tubes

2 patch kits

3 plastic tire wrenches

Multitool: Topeak Hexus x 
Pump: Topeak Road Morph G

2 spokes

2 spoke nipples

2 master links

Zip ties

Electrical tape

Chain lube

2 plastic disposable gloves


Tent, footprint, and fly: Marmot Tungsten 2p

Sleeping bag: Marmot Hydrogen 30F down
Inflatable Pad: Nemo Astro
Extra string for guy lines, bear bagging, etc...

8-10 Stakes

cook pot: Evernew titanium .9L

Homemade Alcohol stove

Homemade Windscreen

Pot gripper

Mini backpacking can opener

Collapsible mug: Sea to Summit

Denatured alcohol in plastic bottle

2 Lighters

No see um netting headnet

Chlorine water drops

100% deet bug spray

Lexan tablespoon

Small flashlight

2mm Painters plastic to cover bicycle

Clothing: (Includes clothing worn on bike)

Helmet: Giro

2 pairs padded liner shorts

2 pairs shorts

rain pants: showers pass

Rain jacket: Outdoor Research

Lightweight synthetic long John bottoms

2 tshirts

Cycling jersey

Zip up fleece: Columbia

Cold weather fleece hat

Half finger cycling gloves

Full finger insulated waterproof gloves

Tennis shoes

2 pairs socks

1 pair smartwool socks

Rain booties: Showers Pass

Ultralight Down compressible jacket



Toothpaste travel size

Deodorant travel size

Shaving cream travel size

4 disposable razors

Electric razor

Toilet paper


Duct tape

Advil or Ibuprofen

Gauze pads

Chamoix butter


Emergency space blanket

Chap stick

Hand sanitizer

2 covid masks

High SPF Sunscreen


4 spare aaa batteries

Portable charger: Anker Powercore 20100

Bluetooth speaker

Phone with 64GB SD card

Phone charger, USB cord, and wall plug in



Index cards for route notes


Small book

4 tension straps

Net for rear rack

Knife: Kershaw

Pepper spray

4 ultralight stuff sacks for organizing gear

Lock: kryptonite

3 bandannas

Garbage bags

Ziplock bags

String for holding glasses on head

Pop on sunglass attachment for glasses

wipes for glasses and phone

Soft mini towel for glasses and phone

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Dave CardarellaHi David, I suggest carrying a few extra screws of various sizes. They sometimes come loose, fall out and get lost. Also an extra USB cable, sometimes they just get flaky. Chain lube? Safety pins?
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1 month ago
David AlbertTo Dave CardarellaThanks Dave! The addition of screws (especially screws for the racks because they are bearing the load) is a great one. I will also probably carry an extra USB cord. Also I had written chain lube but damn auto correct had changed it to chain link, lol. So, that's been fixed. Thanks again for your insight and taking the time to read my great list. :) - David
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1 month ago