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March 18, 2021

X2: Errands

Still Covid Negative
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I successfully got my errands run today!

I now have a new wired odometer (there were multiple odometers in my apartment, none of them matched the wire harness on my bike), a new pair of underwear-weight bike shorts, and a new negative Covid test. Also, because I was admiring the insulated face buff at Decathlon, I have a much nicer insulated face buff courtesy of one of Sponsor's sponsors sending him more warm clothing than he had either needed or requested.

I probably should have gone back to the apartment for the warm jacket when given the opportunity but I have a policy of allowing myself to be too cold when I know I'm going to be able to tolerate it (i.e., going to be in taxis and buildings most of the time). This isn't to punish myself for having traveled to someplace where it's not really Spring yet but rather is to force my body to realize I'm going to be 'not warm' for the next while and to get used to it.

The taxi's green code app didn't like my phone so he got out a paper logbook (same as used for old people or children without smartphones) for us to register having taken his taxi. I'm not sure how much Xi'an's increased registration habits are because Xi'an is a much bigger city than Haikou, how much of this is because there is still a Covid ward (7 imported cases), and how much of this is because one of the ward nurses just recently came up positive on the 14th day of her 21 day closed circuit rotation.
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Although we barely did any walking and spent barely any time outside, the time we spent outside in the cold was enough that-when we got back to the apartment-I immediately took a 2 hour nap. Other than my snoring scaring SmallCat, the opportunity to explore me while I was unconscious was enough that he actually came up and sat within petting reach during the evening instead of hiding under the bed the way he'd spent the past two nights.

I really wanted to go to Board Games Night with Sponsor's wife but the idea of going back outside again into the weather was enough to scare me into spending my evening packing and working.

Today's ride: 2 km (1 miles)
Total: 39 km (24 miles)

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