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March 26, 2021

D8: 五里

The first night, having arrived at a quarter to 9 without yet having had dinner, everything about Wuli was wonderful. I was pretty sure I was paying too much for a room that didn't have amenities such as plumbing (if there was a shower I could use, I never found out about it), and equally sure—when I thought I was only staying one night—that I didn't care.

The first full day and second night, Wuli was still pretty tolerable. I began to notice that although the bed had a memory foam topper, it was still hard wood underneath that thin bit of foam, and the lack of heat in the room from sources other than the electric blanket began to wear at me.

The second full day and third night, with the rain pissing down in the morning, and it being cold and gloomy once it stopped raining, and the room really starting to stink of unwashed Marian, that was when I didn't like Wuli.

But I got a decent amount of work done, on translation that's actually enjoyable, and I made journal posts, and I caught up news of the world, and I researched some the stuff I was hoping to do when starting again, and I got all the naps I could possibly want.

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