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September 30, 2019

Monday (T-1)

Rosh Hashanah

Smells like religion and old books
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Probably because Shaarei Tfiloh and B'nai Israel—the two congregations in Baltimore that I spent the most time in—were both century old buildings, the Jewish Refugee Museum at Ohel Moishe Synagogue felt far more "right" to me than any other place I've prayed in Asia.

Bit weird seeing multiple people pull out phones to not even surreptitiously take video of the shofar being blown or the ark being opened but it's a modern world.

I got a HelloBike from where I was staying and zigzagged my way across town to the site near the Bund arriving only an hour after services started but with plenty of time compared to the twenty or so people that arrived even later.

After spending an age at the after services bruncheon, I decided not to go to Tashlich Services but instead biked back to my friend's place to get my bike and take it to have the rear brake cable reattached as my skillset—although good enough to detach a disk brake cable—wasn't good enough to reattach it.

The first two shops (both Giants) flat out refused to work on a non Giant brand bike (even for money) and the third (a Specialized) insisted that I needed to replace the cable (I didn't) but on the basis of not wanting to continue looking for shops while only having a single brake, I paid for a new cable and an installation fee.

I also bought a spare tube from them but had to pass on an odometer as they only had GPS types and the GPS Logger software on my phone already does that.

Coffee with a Shanghainese friend Zaiming, coffee and dinner with Peter Jacobsen (who some people might recognize from his touring journals), and back again quite late to see about packing.

GALAXY Long long ago, men of making bike have a DREAM
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Under the Wu-Tung tree branches, throb the chamber of books
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Today's ride: 33 km (20 miles)
Total: 97 km (60 miles)

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