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Maps, Maps, Maps

I'm specifically providing maps as screenshots rather than as zoomable maps (like RideWithGPS or Strava) because the Chinese GPS offset means that where I actually was will not display correctly other than as a screenshot taken from a device/software pairing that has the various anti-obfuscation algorithms.

I will, of course, ignore a large portion of my route planning in favor for on-the-fly changes but it's still important to have made advance plans to ignore.
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For anyone who would like to see my multilayered Google Map, the link is at It includes every place I've slept while on tour, proposed routes, places of interest that I may or may not visit, dates of visits on places of interest, and more.

It does not include the route planning for the Epic 2021 Amsterdam to Haikou trip that I'll be doing for my 40th birthday because that was too many layers.


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Zhejiang 1

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Not even one whole day in Jiangsu
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Zhejiang 2

I realize that most people probably want the English labels so I've changed to using MapBox
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I like Jiangxi.
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At 26 days (22 riding days) this may be the longest I've spent in a single province while on tour.
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Given that Guangdong is where Guangzhou is, I honestly expected much worse of the province than what I got
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Hong Kong

I just want to say, Hong Kong mountains are cray-cray. Also, while the views on Lantau are nice, they aren't nice enough to really justify intentionally riding over that bastard of a col on the way to or from the bridge or the airport.
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I did make some effort to see some of Macau during the ~3 hours I was there
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Guangdong 2


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