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October 9, 2019

I-4: Yom Kippur

Instead of a catenary, this electric bus in Shanghai charges at the bus stop
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My monthly subscription to HelloBike has run out and if I'd realized just how much bikes in Shanghai would cost without a membership, I'd have renewed just for today. The sunk cost fallacy is in effect, however.

I've already spent 10 yuan on bikes and it's not like I'm really going to be having any reason for riding notmybike after tomorrow so it'd be dumb to buy an 18 yuan membership.

I'm particularly miffed that changing bikes because the first one had a seat that wouldn't adjust up still charged as a ride.

The power for the bike's limited electronics (GPS tracker, lock) are supplemented with a solar panel in the basket. Then, because so many people put children in the baskets and break them, they've started adding plastic spikes
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In any case, given how at Break Fast I hungrily stuffed my shriveled empty stomach until it hurt and given the very low battery warning my phone was giving me, chances are pretty good I'd've taxiied back to Mango's anyway instead of riding across the city on an upright while wearing jeans.

The interesting parts of the day for me were not the religion parts or the quiet meditation or any of that; the interesting parts were the discussions I woke up to in the group chats I follow and the ones I moderate in Haikou. Not really much to be passing on to people who aren't there but it was some deliciously juicy drama involving a foreign (hopefully former) drug dealer who was recently released from his year plus nonconsensual stay with the Chinese government for reasons that totally weren't ratting out his supplier (and if you believe that I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you).

To quote a great sage: "stupid is as stupid does", and Stupid now thinks being released from jail makes he's immune from lots of other Chinese laws. For some strange reason, a lot of law abiding business type foreigners have a problem with Stupid actively flaunting his intentions to not follow the law. Not because we necessarily care one bit about him getting kicked out, or put away, or fined, but because Stupid might give us a reputation.

As the Stupid drama du jour was winding down, I learned in a private message that one of the projects I'm involved with with the government has been green lit and is just waiting final approval. The official who told me this wanted me to keep it secret. Under ordinary circumstances, I'm not very good at secrets. This time, however, it is actually pretty easy since I am completely unaware of any projects I'm involved with with that official or that official's department.

Tomorrow, back to Hangzhou, a check on the status of my laptop repair, and potentially a return to cycling.

Today's ride: 10 km (6 miles)
Total: 387 km (240 miles)

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