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October 8, 2019

I-3: Erev Yom Kippur

Return to Shanghai

At the train station in Hangzhou, next to the service window for international passengers, a window specifically for firefighters. Usually the specially assigned window that no one is at and no one is carrying to check if you are eligible for is for Party Members or the family of revolutionary marytrs.
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With the fervor of a 16 year old who had a condom break, I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for my period and hoping it would come so I could get the uncomfortable girl parts of my month over and done with while I'm not biking. But shark week is a fickle thing and it had to wait until I was frantic and frazzled at the train station to finally arrive on the fourth out of five notcycling days.

That I'm talking about bodily functions should probably clue you in that no terribly interesting things happened today.

I packed up the hotel room and got things moved into storage at the office for the two days I'll be in Shanghai. I discovered that although I now have tire levers (courtesy of the bike shop that helped with my handlebar reversal), the spare inner tube (which I paid way too much for from the Specialized in Shanghai) is missing.

All wrapped up
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Tomorrow is Yom Kippur. Like any good not especially observant Jew, I'll go to services, I'll try to reflect on things I did wrong in the last year; people I've wronged; changes I'd like to make in myself over the next year; and spend a huge amount of time meditating on the food I'm not eating.

How is it I can happily go 20 hours without eating cause I'm not ready for food and an hour after Kol Nidre I'm starving?

Today's ride: 6 km (4 miles)
Total: 377 km (234 miles)

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