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July 1, 2011

Things for small minds to ponder: Jar engineering

Who engineered this jar!? Look at it! How in the hell are you supposed to get the last of the peanut butter out from the bottom? I tried with a knife, and then a spoon; and only a pig would dip their grubby fingers in there and try to reach it that way--besides, that didn't work either! Geech!

I bought this jar in England. I have since bought two jars in France that are NOT made in a way to drive a hungry touring cyclist mad with frustration.

Though the peanut butter in France can usually only be found in the international section of only large grocery stores, which feels weird. Oh, and it's only glass jars. Still, at least I can reach the damn stuff in the end!

Sweet, sweet nectar of peanut. WHY must you play so hard to get!?
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