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July 2, 2011

Jour Vingt et cinq: Not so dramatic ending

Au revoir, Loire a Velo. It's been fun!

I finished up the route east, to Nevers, yesterday. First off, that was weird. Last year on the Trans am route in Yorktown there was sort of a nice place to end and celebrate the accomplishment, but yesterday I was almost to the Nevers city center and was looking forward to the grand finale when the route just, uuuh, stopped. And it didn't just stop, it sort of stopped, and there was a fence in front, a canal on the left, and a levy on the right. I rode all that way and I was trapped like a rat in a cage!

I circled around and backtracked a little. Did I miss a turn? No, I don't thing so? Finally, I decided just to push the bike up the steep incline to a levy trail. As I was rolling away I looked back I saw a couple of other people circling around like trapped rodents. So much for a glorious finish.

Really, 95% of the route was incredibly well marked, but every now and again you would hit a spot where signs were missing. The odd thing was there was about a 20 km stretch like near the end. Then all of a sudden the signs started again. Some of us in the campground were scratching out heads on that one?

Oh, don't worry. I made it the city center, with a little help from Mr. Garmin. Now I'm trying to decide what to do next. I'll let you know when I know but I'm likely going to head back east, for a number of reasons that don't really matter much so I won't bore you with the details.

This is a canal bridge. The canal goes OVER the river via a bride. Cool!
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Two boats crossing the canal over the river. I was wondering if the bridge gets heavier with the weight of the boats or if the weight is sort of spread out over the water? I guess I need some kind of science or math class for that one?
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I can't help it. I like these little churches so I take lots of pictures of them.
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Today's ride: 38 km (24 miles)
Total: 1,314 km (816 miles)

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