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July 3, 2011

Jour Vingt et six: Brittany bound

Whoa, had a strange night last night; I slept in a hotel! Now, that may not SOUND weird but it is the first hotel since Utah Beach, over 2 weeks ago! That's how nice the campgrounds here. And I'm guessing I have saved over $1000 just by camping instead of staying in hotels. WOOO-HOOOO! Just think of all the food I can buy with $1000! The possibilities are endless!

I'm in Saint-Nazaire in Brittany. How I "decided" on Saint-Nazaire is a combination of things that don't really matter now, from being on a wild goose chase from the Tourist office for maps of the area around Nevers, to the fact that I need to be in this area anyway early next week to get back to England, to the fact that I had always planned on ending the trip in Brittany, to the cool bike shop guy on the Loire who recommended I ride west from Nantes, to the fact that there were zero, and I mean ZERO hotel rooms in Nantes last night, which means I took the train to Saint-Nazaire. Did you get all that?

Regardless of how I got here, Saint-Nazaire is as good as place as any to get started...

I am hoping to ride to Carnac today, to a prehistoric site I had on my list to see, but it will depend on the weather. It may rain a bit, which, at this point I'm not too concerned with, but the winds are howling and if it looks like it will take 2-days to ride 70km there is no point in fighting it so I may change directions. I guess I could hop on a train into the wind, but whatever, when I know you will know, and not a moment before that.

By the way, one of my best picture days has still not been posted. I just have not had time. Maybe that will give me something to do at the end of the trip, when I'm all sad and depressed when the trip is over. So, I owe you, but it won't be today.

"See" you tomorrow!

Today's ride: 24 km (15 miles)
Total: 1,338 km (831 miles)

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