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July 8, 2011

Jour Vingt et sept

Sorry for the delay, folks. I've had a bear of a time getting wifi lately, though I guess anticipation just makes the story better, right? Here's my post for 2 days ago. I'll get you caught up asap...

Whew! Brittany definitely has a different feel from the Loire Valley, though part of that could have been the off and on rain. Though the Loire Valley may have gotten rain too, it rained the last night I was there and it was dreary when I left.

Anyway, I did have a nice day, despite the rain. There was really only one downpour and I was in a cool little town at the time. The town center was in the middle of the old castle; it was pretty cool. When the downpour began people were ducking for cover everywhere. I ended up at one of the entrances of the castle with a bunch of other people. Other than that it drizzled a little on and off but nothing serious, and there were periods of sun as well.

I'm starting to make my way north now. I'm in the town of Questembert because it is the starting point of a bike route north, where I will likely board the ferry for England. I kind of doubt it can top the Loire but I'm glad I'm doing it to see the countryside of Brittany.

Questembert is a cute little town and kind of off the radar screen tourism wise. It has a covered market building that was build in the 1500's and is still in use today! The 1500's mind you!

Apparently the discussion to start construction was more or less like this, at a town hall meeting in Questembert back in 1501, keeping in mind the conversation took place in 1500's French and I'm translating

Pierre the Brewmaster: Ye, Mayor. I propose we buildith a covered market for our square.
Mayor: "Why-ith do you propose such an outlandish plan? We need-ith to build our army to over through the barbarians to the north."
Pierre the Brewmaster: "But, Mayer, it rain-ith here all the time."
Mayor: "Rain, I think not it does-ith rain in Brittany? No more than anywhere else in the land."

Of course the towns people disagreed with the Mayor's weather assessment until he finally relented and did agree
Mayor: "Okay-ith, but ye propose-ith an expensive idea. Must there be not a cheaper plan?"
Pierre the Brewmaster: "Sire could go-ith to Espanola, or California, but that would be a far greater plan."
Mayor: "California, I know of no such place."
Pierre the Brewmaster: "I saw it in a vision, ye mayor."

Of course then the Brewmaster was accused of sorcery, and burned at the stack, causing the townspeople to revolt, because Pierre was the only brewer in the land and there was no more ale or strong drink to be had, which caused the mayor to be was a time of great unrest in the town. Still, the next mayer, Richard the cow-milker put the plan in action and today we have a really nice 1500's enclosure to see-ith.

OK, I made that up, but it was still cool!

Anyway, I now have less than a week in France and, aside from riding and sightseeing, I have one MAJOR goal-to eat as many crepes as possible! I LOVE those things! I stopped for crepes for lunch and I'm hoping to get some everyday. WOOO-HOOOOO!

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully the weather will improve but I'm not counting on it. It will be what it is, I guess. At least it's not really cold, just a little damp.

Rode through a touristy area today. Kind of looked like Miami Beach
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Cool little houses. Blue shutters are popular here and I like them. Notice the crayon fence.
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The cool little town were everyone took cover from the rain. All of this is inside the castle! You don't see THAT kind of thing in California. Cool!
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Outside the town center--the castle
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Scenery along the way
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Aaaaaw, a little cow too!
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Whoa, don't think you would see this in the U.S. Looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen?
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Part of today's bike path
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Cool! Boats at low tide!
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More boats at low tide
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Today's ride: 89 km (55 miles)
Total: 1,427 km (886 miles)

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