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July 27, 2016

Day 55 - Gallitzen S.P. to State College

Mo’ hills.
You know I started and ended at about the same elevation today.
And I had a killer, 12% downhill for three miles into Tyrone.
Which meant that I was climbing most of the day.
Or roller-coastering.

But take courage - east of Tyrone you get into ridge country.
All the way from Pennsylvania to Alabama - even into the Ozarks of Arkansas -
the Appalachians have ridges to the southeast and broken country to the northwest.
So I will follow the valleys from here on out.

(P.S. - I did say a few more choice words on some of the climbs.)

Gotta say that the road from Flinton to Glasgow was in the insane category.
And not much better to Allemans.

Tyrone - Old Houses, New Cars
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Flopped Down on a Picnic Table at Lunch
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I stopped for a bite in Tyrone but couldn’t get WiFi until noon when the library opened.
Verizon is spotty - especially if you want to do anything more than email.

Continued on towards Warriors Trace and State College.
Had a free hot dog and soda at the Warriors Trace c-store.
Elvis was there singing - in case you wonder where he is these days.

I Love Purple Houses
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Valley riding - some climbing, but reasonable.
My right toe clip came off for the fifth time - jerry-rigged.
(I suspect it is well past its “Use by” date.)

Gentle Riding in Penns Valley
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Fresh Cut Hayfield
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Although it was pretty hot, there was a light side breeze.
So, the ride into State College was pleasant.
When I got into town, I had yet another Subway.
And decided to stay in the motel across the street.

Took a shower, washed out some clothes -
Went downtown to catch a meeting.
Afterwards I talked with Matt - who wants to do a cross-country bike trip.
I wandered about campus and town a bit.
So much like Chapel Hill - The Corner Room and Carolina Coffee Shop.

"The Corner" in State College
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Back to the motel - phone calls to friends and family - then sleep.

Today's ride: 52 miles (84 km)
Total: 3,085 miles (4,965 km)

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