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July 25, 2016

Day 53 - New Castle to Kittanning

Exhausted before the day starts.

So much for getting an overpriced motel room.
The folks in the next room had a little yappy dog.
It barked almost to midnight - and started again before 4:30.
The night clerk said she wasn’t sure which room it was so she couldn’t do anything.
I was hoping to get a little more sleep if they left early -
But, I think the dog had been left in the room by itself.
When the day manager go there, he seemed supremely unconcerned.

It was like I was hungover - I had the shakes.
I got started fairly late and it was like a steam oven.
US 422 had a shoulder, but insane traffic.
The back roads were quiet, but roller-coasters.
I was dripping wet in a half hour. Soaked.

I did want to visit the covered bridge and mill on Slippery Rock Creek.
Sure, there was the steep grade down.
Had to brake away all that climbing.
But it was worth it. Even the climb back up.

Heading Down
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Old Cabin
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Crossing Covered Bridges Is Nice on a Tour
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McConnell's Mill
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A Nice Shot of Slippery Rock Creek and McConnell's Covered Bridge
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Heading Back Up
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I stopped at a Subway in a big shopping center on the west side of Butler.
(I should do an advertisement for Subway, I have eaten so many,)
While I was catching up on email, another storm hit.
And even though my bike was under 12 feet of overhang, it got soaked.
The wind blew at 60 mph and rivers flowed down the parking lot.
Argghh! Well, everything is damp and stinks, anyway.

Next up was a big mistake.
Even though US 422 is crazy busy, the back roads are crazy steep.
I couldn’t hardly push my bike up some of the hills they were so steep.
And was soaked with sweat from head to toe.

Hilltop after One Particularly Brutal Climb
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Fortunately, when I got back on US 422, there was an ice cream stand.
I got me the biggest chocolate milk shake they had.
When I got there I though I was gonna die - the shake prevented it.

Flew down US 422 until a sign said, “Motor Vehicles Only!”
Back to the old road - back to the hills.
I decided that Kittanning would be my destination. Absolutely.

I flew down the last hill and across the Allegheny River.
The motels were all on the bypass. (The one that bans bikes)
So I inquired at the library about other options.
There was a bar/lounge with rooms upstairs.
Hmmmmm. Sketchy. But I couldn’t go an inch further.
I got a 6’ by 9’ room for $45 with a funky bathroom down the hall.
Was asleep by sundown - but I spread my sleeping bag on top of the bed.
Drunks arguing on the sidewalk below infiltrated my dreams.

But I didn’t seem to care.

Sketchy Lodging for the Night
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Today's ride: 51 miles (82 km)
Total: 2,963 miles (4,768 km)

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