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July 23, 2016

Day 51 - Norwich to Cuyahoga Valley

Waking up by the side of a farm road is - -
Well, waking up by the side of a farm road.
Except for two or three cars, it was a quiet night.

Empty Farm Road Early in the Morning
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Hazy Sunrise - Promising More Wilting Heat
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Damp and foggy, everything is cloaked in a mist.
The ten miles to North Fairfield are meditative.
The country store in town is open - I get a Pepsi.
The Second Empire opera house stands empty -
A grand edifice in a shrinking village.

The Country Store in North Fairfield
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After a short brunch stop in New London, I was off again.
By mid-morning it was toasty - and sticky.
But wait - the breeze shifted from southwest to northwest.
Just a small difference, but noticeably better.

Typical Late Morning View
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I stopped at Spencer at the country store for a short break.
It’s right in the middle of Amish country.
I started talking with a couple of Amish guys in the store.
“Ich kann Ihr Deutsch nicht verstehen.”
(They were speaking Amish Plattdeutsch.)

They laughed - and Joe said, “You want a buggy ride?”
Of course, I said, “Sure!”

As we were heading over to his buggy we talked about drivers.
He said that most people were O.K., but there were always accidents.
Impatient people who cut them off and sideswiped them.
I said that I could easily understand. And there was a connection.

His horse was named Tony - well-behaved and dependable.
We went around the block. No photos. Photos are prideful.

Back on the bike for 15 miles to Medina.
Free lunch at the grand opening of a convenient store at the edge of town.
Don’t let anybody tell you there is no such thing as a free lunch.
I just had one. Hot dog, chips, and a Coke.

From the library, I called my Chapel Hill friends, Jan and Gordon Sumerel.
They live in Brecksville and invited me for the night.
Gordon sold me Lucy when he had a bike shop in Chapel Hill.
So, I guess, he is Lucy’s godfather.

Medina's Town Square - They Have a Fab Library, Too
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I cycled an insanely hilly road over to the Cuyahoga Valley.
After struggling uphill in the granny gear, the downhill would end at a stop sign.
Grrrrrrrrr. And it was brutally hot.

Dripping Wet - - But Who's Tired ??
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Gordon met me at the covered bridge.
We loaded up everything in the car and were off to his house.
Jan had homemade salsa and guacamole out.
ANd she was baking a peach pie - OMG!!!

After a cool shower and fresh clothes I was another person.
(I put all my toxic waste dump things outside on the deck until I could wash them.)

Dinner was delicious.
Their teenaged son, Tom, and his friends joined us.
Smart kids. Tolerant of old people.
Aaron was quiet, but Carlos was dishing it out.
He put on 70s funk music and showed off his stuff.

My Wonderful Friends Jan and Gordon
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We talked Chapel Hill until late in the evening.
Another wonderful day.

(Well, except for the heat and the hills - but those were forgotten)

Today's ride: 69 miles (111 km)
Total: 2,848 miles (4,583 km)

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