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July 22, 2016

Day 50 - Leipsic to Norwich

Improvise - - then improvise some more.

With all this hot weather, I gotta get started early.
(Like it's something new with me, huh?)

The dining choices in Leipsic were the two c-stores.
I got a sausage biscuit and coffee and was on the road.
A little commuter traffic at first - -
(There are no jobs in small towns so people drive to bigger ones.)
But soon it died down and I had a quiet road again.

Flat. Flatter then Kansas
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The little town of McComb reminded me of Buffalo -
With its curved Main Street.
But almost every store was empty.

McComb's Empty Downtown
Few Small Towns in Ohio Other than County Seats Have Many Businesses Left
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More miles to Van Buren, then a farm road to Fostoria.
Pedaling fool getting in the miles before it got too hot.
Got to Tiffin before noon and stopped at the Wally World.
Replaced the shorts I lost in Iowa - - at last.

Either an Abandoned Gas Station
A Spaceport for "Men in Black"
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Go. Go. Go. Stop.
That is exactly what I did - for 8 hours.
It was like a Turkish steam bath out there.
The chamber office was closed, so I stopped by the police station.
They said it was fine to have lunch in the waiting area.
Ahhhhhh - air conditioning.

Downtown Tiffin - Doing Okay-ish
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Then it was off to the library for reading and journallng.
And, later, over to Heidelberg College to practice.
Then I went to the laundromat - desperately needed at this point.
It's amazing how you can zone away the hours.

The young woman at the laundry suggested I try Reino's for dinner.
It was Friday night and the place was hopping, but I got a seat.
Small-town, Ohio Italian restaurant - great food.
People came by asking me where I was going - including the owner.
And he insisted on comping my dinner. Wow! So grateful.

The Fantabulous Reino's Restaurant
Thank You, John Reino
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Believe it or not - I wanted to do another 25 miles.
I planned to get those extra miles in at twilight.
So I got on an empty farm road headin' east and rode.
And rode.

The Fields Are Beginning to Show Late Summer Colors
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The sun set and I kept riding.
Sweet, soft, and dreamlike.
When I could hardly make out the contours,
I set up the tent beside the road and slept.

To Ride at Sunset - - and Later
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Today's ride: 66 miles (106 km)
Total: 2,779 miles (4,472 km)

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