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July 7, 2016

Day 35 - Valentine to Bassett

What a magical day!

Started out loading up with the whiff of the feedlot in in Valentine - breakfast at the cafe. Then it was off on the Cowboy Trail and the High Bridge over the Niobrara River on a perfect morning.

View from the High Bridge over the Niobrara River
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The High Bridge Just Outside Valentine on the Cowboy Trail
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Lookin' Down
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Got back on US 20 and positively flew the first 20 miles. No traffic. Wide shoulders. And a nice tailwind. Which goes to show you - sometimes it IS better to put off until tomorrow what is impossible to do today.

Perfect Sandhills Day
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US 20 Is, Quite Possibly, the Best Route across the Great Plains
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I had to stop in Johnstown, of course, and although it is tiny, its little main street is charming. Then it was on to Ainsworth after a Pepsi break.

Downtown Johnstown
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I asked at the visitor's center whether I might be able to practice on a piano in a church in town. A local suggested that I try the Methodist Church - the biggest in town. I expected to go in an empty church and ask the secretary. Instead, the Women of the Church were meeting. They insisted that I give them a concert. (Even though I had not touched a piano in more than a week.) So we all went into the sanctuary and I did the best I could. And I really got in some good work on my compositions afterwards. Could not have imagined a better afternoon.

Ainsworth - a Thriving Town of Almost 2000
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Ainsworth Methodist Church
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The Wonderful Women of the Women's Fellowship
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Then it was back on the Cowboy Trail and over Long Pine Canyon bridge. The sky had completely cleared to a dome of blue and the late sun illuminated the little town in stark relief.

The View from Long Pine Bridge
(Trees, Lots of Trees, in the Middle of Nebraska)
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When I got to Ainsworth, I set up my tent in the town park - then headed into town to check out the big city - population 649. When I got back, there was a great couple from Finland, Kaisa and Christoffer, who are biking west cross-country. We traded stories until late.

Nebraska Classic
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Today's ride: 66 miles (106 km)
Total: 1,739 miles (2,799 km)

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