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March 3, 2022

Palm Desert to LaQuinta

LaQuinta Art Show

Our first ride in Palm Desert was a revelation. This is a wealthy community and the roads, without exception, were like butter.  
There were also numerous bike/golf cart lanes. We joked it will take us awhile after this to get used to the crumbling infrastructure at home. 

We explored the neighbourhood and then headed out on Highway 111 towards La Quinta and their annual outdoor art show. There is a bike lane on the road for the roadies to enjoy but we sailed along on the shared pedestrian/bike/golf cart path. It parallels the road, but a genius planner didn’t lay it out in a straight line. It curves and swoops back and forth and we loved it. When we encountered pedestrians (not often) they wished us a wonderful day, and when a golf cart appeared they simply drove through the grassy verge to give us right of way. The whole thing was a delight. The only tricky portion when riding in this direction is at the corner of La Quinta and Washington. It is insanely busy, but there is a shopping center there and if you zip into the parking lot and ride behind the shopping center (the delivery area) you have the road to yourself. Then it is back onto the wide sidewalk or the bike lane. Your choice. 

Such a great way to get to La Quinta. It swoops and curves and is a delight.
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We arrived at the art show in La Quinta, and while it was outdoors it was packed. We are still getting used to the much more casual attitude towards all things Covid down here and decided the 40$ US admission to the art show could be better spent on lunch and beverages on a patio. It was a good call. 

Entry into one of the more exclusive enclaves in Palm Desert.
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The ride home was equally blissful and there was a pool waiting. We are so happy we came.

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Today's ride: 45 km (28 miles)
Total: 45 km (28 miles)

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