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February 27, 2022

Should we go?  Duh!

Bringing the bikes on a surprise road trip

Keith and I have felt so fortunate through the pandemic. We have remained healthy, we are retired and have a house and a yard to enjoy. We have felt great empathy for people in much more challenging situations. We miss travel though and a friend called to say her condo in Palm Desert was unexpectedly available for three weeks.   As we had no plans or expectations to travel this spring  we actually took a few days consider her offer.  What were we thinking?  It’s warm, dry and we know exactly what to expect as we had been there several times before but not since you know who was elected.  We came to our senses, threw in our clubs, loaded our bikes on the rack and headed south.  We left on Feb 27.  We looked in the back of the car with dismay. We can travel to Europe for months with two panniers for goodness sake. This trip Kathleen had a whole duffle bag just for shoes.  The luggage expands to fit the space available. 

At this point there was no thought of putting a journal together.  In Paso Robles a few days ago on our way home we thought maybe there was enough biking that a journal might be justified.   If nothing else it helps us remember our trip!

So back to the trip down, and we will eventually get to the biking component. We took three days for the drive, spending the first night in Salem, Oregon. Things were pretty dismal (wet and windy)  in the morning.

Come for the sun they said. It will be fun they said.
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We quickly bailed off Interstate 5 because it was raining so hard and there were so many trucks. The Chief Navigator decided we should get out of there and head east towards Klamath Falls and then head south through Reno.  The rain stopped, the cars disappeared and the scenery was stunning. We stopped for the night just south of Carson City. Then next day we skirted Yosemite and Death Valley, and until San Bernardino and the crazy traffic, the scenery was absolutely beautiful. Palm Desert (aka Fantasyland) appeared and friends Al and Nancy already in town had us for dinner on March 1. It was a great start to our stay.  The bikes were sprung from the bike rack. 

Sunshine, palm trees and a pool. We will be happy here.
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