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March 19, 2022

Another Great Ride…

Even if I really had to think to remember it!

Actually, it really was a great ride, although it perfectly illustrates why it is better (for me anyway) to do a journal in real time. It didn’t occur to us to put our rides in a journal while in Palm Desert which meant fewer photographs than usual, less attention to detail and some real stretches now that I am doing this, to remember what we did on this particular day. The inspiration for this journal was a short journal by Suzanne Gibson that we both enjoyed.  So even though this trip was not exactly a bike tour, we thought maybe it would be okay to post. As for this ride, Keith just said to me to say the Palm Desert rides were all starting to look the same.  And they were!  They sure were wonderful though. 

After much thought it came to me.  We started the day at the Coffee Bean for a cappuccino. Then we rode back to the studio of the artist we so much admired a week ago. There was one small painting we had our eye on, and yes, we bought it. We love it. We arranged to pick it up later, because while it certainly isn’t a huge canvas we didn’t have room in Keith’s trunk bag.  

Then it was off to the Palm Desert weekend market. It is always a hoot.  We walked the bikes between the stalls of every kind of merchandise imaginable. I wish we had thought to take a picture. We didn’t buy a thing. 

Next stop was Pete Carlson’s Golf Shop. It is an institution in Palm Desert. Trouble is, for both of us non shoppers, when we get in a spot like that, with so much choice, we become paralyzed and leave empty handed. So no purchases there either. 

Then more exploring until the crazy wind came up again. When you start to get sand in your eyes it is time to quit. Since we didn’t take a single picture I have included a picture of our new painting. It is called seaweed. It hasn’t made it on the wall yet, but we love it and know exactly where we are going to put it. 

This will be such a wonderful memory of a great trip and a great encounter with a lovely couple.
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Today's ride: 31 km (19 miles)
Total: 325 km (202 miles)

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