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January 3, 2022

A surprise ending

We missed the sun shadows hitting Monument Valley by a half hour.
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This is the reward.
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We were relaxing on the sofa this morning. Jacinto was drinking coffee and I was so,so close to getting out the door on my much desired last day ride. Suddenly, we both received a text message at the same time. American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Grand Junction is canceled. Stand by for ticket reassignment. That is not good! Being stranded in Phoenix is indeed stranded. I looked at availability from Phoenix to Junction. There was nothing else today. What could we do? Jacinto was scheduled to work a long trip Tuesday. He didn’t want to miss the hours. 

We decided to drive. We flew around, gathering things up and loading the van. I had riding clothes on, but my bike was packed away before i so much as sat down. My water was even in the holder!

We stopped by the airport to see if we could get a refund, or at least a credit. The agent said they could no longer process credits over the phone or at the airport, only online. I needed to wait 24 hours before filing, but we could get a full refund. She did start out saying only for the canceled leg, but said I should give all clarifying information when we file, and we would get a full refund. I hope so. 

we are currently a half hour from home. It has been a painless trip, considering we didn’t get on the road until 11 AM for a 12 hour drive. 

Forecasted low tonight at home is -8 degrees. Tell me why I’m leaving sunny Tucson? I can’t remember clearly. 

Thank you for following along!

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jerry witherspoonI still say you’re a candidate for The Big Bend!

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1 year ago
Scott AndersonSorry your flight was cancelled, though I half expected it. Thanks for letting us know you made it home safely. It sounds like a horrible drive - I’m not sure we could bite off that much in one day any more.
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1 year ago
Kelly IniguezTo Scott AndersonI'm not a fan of marathon driving either. It probably helped that I had ridden big miles every single day of the trip and was ready to sit.

The highways and interstate we are clear for the entire drive. Once we entered Rifle, it was a different story. There were huge piles of snow on every corner. The streets were ice packed and slick. The most exercise I've gotten today was some stretching in the morning, and walking down the center of the street (the better to avoid the ice),to the mailbox.

Ride an extra mile or two for me, please!
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1 year ago
Gregory GarceauMonument Valley photos are amazing no matter what time of day, but I still think the biggest highlight of your trip was the bobcat photo. I've only seen a bobcat once. It was on a canoeing trip in Arkansas. My daughter and I surprised it and it screeched. (Bobcats do not "meow.") Then it raced up the riverbank way before I could even think of grabbing my camera.
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1 year ago
Kelly IniguezTo Gregory GarceauThat was my first bobcat sighting. I was lucky it was looking the other way, I got a longer sighting, I'm sure, than if it had seen me and ran right off.

Jan has a door cam at her house in Oro Valley. It picks up a bobcat almost nightly, making the rounds of the neighborhood. I don't think she's seen it in person, just via the door cam.

Thanks for following along and commenting. It makes the trip more fun!
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1 year ago