Day 6: Thursday 22 June 2023 - Semur-en-Auxois to Chalon-sur-Saône - Brighton to Barcelona by bike - CycleBlaze

June 22, 2023

Day 6: Thursday 22 June 2023 - Semur-en-Auxois to Chalon-sur-Saône

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route planned 109km

Breakfast did not start until 715, so I planned ahead with a plan to leave by eight with Kathy and Dave. In the morning I was suffering with severe stomach pain that I get occasionally, and the only solution is to lie down horizontal for a while. I agreed with Paul that he would take me in the van the first 30 or so kilometres leaving at nine. I actually got into a deep sleep for half an hour, which probably did me good. 

I then joined up with the others who had had a great ride, mainly along the very flat Canal de Bourgogne.  After the cake stop, we set off and had another 15 km of the canal path which was great because it meant we could cycle side-by-side and chat, but less great as it started to rain fairly steadily.  Rain jacket on, although a little bit too warm.

At approximately 15 km mark the big hill of the day started. Beautiful, quiet roads where we could cycle side-by-side, along steady climb of 9 km, and quite steep in places. This was then followed by an extremely steep descent of over 350 m altitude lost, although of course we had gained 350 m in climbing up. The peak altitude was around 600 m.  

We then had a flat run into Beaune of around 15 km, where the team we're assembling for lunch in the town Square. I had a sandwich and then looking at the time realised as I had some work calls at 4:30 pm local time and that I would not have time to get there if I cycled so reluctantly, as I was feeling quite fit, I took the van to the last segment.

Very nice hotel with excellent air-conditioning, and superfast Wi-Fi which was very useful for my calls. The calls went really well which is great.

Dinner was in the hotel restaurant, which was quite good but very slow service.

We have a reasonably long day tomorrow, although allegedly, there is a tailwind, which I will believe when I see it. 113 km, so the plan is to leave as early as possible after breakfast. We then have a rest day on Saturday.

no photos from me today! These ones are all from Kathy and Dave

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Today's ride: 40 km (25 miles)
Total: 505 km (314 miles)

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