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May 3, 2023

Day 3 The wind and hills to Cowra

We knew it would be miserable- at least windy with 25-35 WNW headwinds. Even so, we stuck to our plan of going through Frogmore and Derbys Falls on a quiet country road. 

The wind assisted us for a short time but once we turned north we felt it. Alas, the Frogmore Rd is lined with yellow box and river red gums that offer excellent cycling including shelter from the wind. There were good numbers of cockatoos, bright lights on a dismal day, and occasional flocks of quail fleeing the roadside.

Clive Palmer is evident in this neck of the woods.

Clive - load a bike and go. You'll experience the ultimate freedom
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Just after lunch, near roadside peaches that we've picked in February, I stopped to photograph a kurrajong - the tree of the day, and filled my legs with spines. I must remember to excise the last 10!

Kurrajong - Brachychiton populnea
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An echidna did what defensive echidnas do, lonely chimneys and water tanks cried for company and the region advertised Australia's long dead car industry.

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Inseparable chimneys and water tanks would love a house. Looking for something structurally sound. Don't mind if a bit rough around the edges. Clean living preferred other than on Wednesdays.
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It's a steep climb up from the Lachlan and a slow drag from Derbys Falls. But once done we made decent progress into a camp-site at Cowra's showground after an honest day in the saddle.

Today's ride: 94 km (58 miles)
Total: 250 km (155 miles)

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