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May 15, 2023

Day 15 - Tambo and beyond

Almost ready to go
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It was the sound of a raven, long drawn out, that dragged me from the tent. I managed 48 km without stopping and was aiming at 52 when I came to the gorgeous Nive River. A distant darter dried its wings; a turtle splashed.

The Nive River - 44 km from Tambo
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The highlight on the next leg to Tambo was a pair of bustards. I'd never have seen them in the long grass but, like many birds, they take flight when a bicycle appears. Look them up. So Mallee Fowl and bustards on this trip.

A sign indicated that I was entering Cooper's Creek catchment, which flows to Lake Eyre. Look that up too - amazing catchment.

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The Explorer, Thomas Mitchell features heavily in these parts.

Thomas Mitchell favoured horses with spindly legs. They provided a smaller target for snakes. He spotted wildlife with a huge telescope, "collected" it and named it after himself eg Major Mitchell cockatoo
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John GrantI'd assume that 150 years of natural selection would have yielded horses with toothpick legs by now ?
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6 months ago

Horses still feature in the area. A dozen in an adjacent paddock galloped for a km as I cycled. We all enjoyed the game. I got to Tambo at 12.30 after 92 km. It's a pretty town with some fine old buildings and outrageous bottle trees.

QANTAS, that's not good. I took my bike with me from Tambo. You thought it OK to dump your plane here. It's not!
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Juxtaposition of bottle trees and Renaissance sculpture
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The minimalist Church architecture movement started in Tambo. It aimed to build simple houses of worship and spend the savings on helping the poor. Poor communications meant that it went no further than Tambo
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I filled up at a cafe where a waitress, Twinkle, from Kerala was running the show. What a journey she's had!

Soon after I got going a jet black boar crossed the road nonchalantly in front of me. A brown falcon, ever wary, flew from fence post to fence post ahead. And then, my bike flushed three more bustards, with wingspans like local QANTAS planes. And then followed a flock of about 30 red-tailed black cockatoos. It's fine cycling here!

I passed the world's longest fence and more silly signs.

And the point of the fence is?
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My cow will mind your sheep for the next km. Fees may apply.
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There was a good camp-site at 145 km but I wanted 160. But after 155 km came the Barcoo River so I traded a triple for a camp-site. Within minutes I had the fire going and was set up for the night.

Today's ride: 156 km (97 miles)
Total: 1,623 km (1,008 miles)

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