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May 16, 2023

Day 16 - onwards to Barcaldine

The remains of a camp-site
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A serious bowl of rice porridge
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Amazing bird calls this morning. Black kites are easy to pick but what's the raucous one? The air was still and seemed more sulphurous. Has it always smelled this way or is it anthropogenic?

That soon changed and a light tailwind popped up. I had done the 42 km to Blackall by 9.30. Like Tambo, I had no mobile coverage. 

I suspect I'm arriving in Blackall but let me confirm
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I discovered the Outback Cafe where I downed a plate of chips, a mug of coffee and a litre of iced water to the call of Bingo. I was invited to play but turned it down. I'm not sure I remember the rules.

I got on my way thinking about writing a blog with the lack of mobile coverage. I have 95% of the Telstra network; I want only 5% !!! I have broken the rule I know. When in outback areas toss your phone in the bin if you don't have Telstra. 

I stopped for a quality break soon after seeing a dozen white-necked herons on a small waterhole. A kite was giving them grief but they weren't perturbed. I ate 25 Vitaweets with avocado, 8 gingernuts, a pear, an orange and a lump of chocolate. I washed it down with two cups of tea and a coffee. I'm at the point where if I put the fuel in I go.

The typical view today
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Spectacular trees - Corymbia dallachiana, Dallach's ghost gum
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And I did go. I was in Barcaldine by 4.20 after 152 km. How sweet the smell of roadkill when there's a tailwind!

I went to the supermarket, got food and a Telstra sim and phoned Cora on the free public phone. Telstra ruined the rest of my day; I won't bore you with details.

Today's ride: 152 km (94 miles)
Total: 1,775 km (1,102 miles)

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