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May 12, 2023

Day 12 - towards Wyandra

I woke feeling as though my head had stopped a Bradman sweep. But I wasn't spinning.  I was slow and methodical and keen to ensure that I was well nourished and hydrated.

I decided on another look at the town and then I decided that a huge plate of chips would be sensible. I left my bike outside the police station with its terrific mural.

The blaze of colour adorning the Cunnamulla Police Station
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I headed out of town and turned north. As is common throughout Australia, there was the distance board. What an inspiration when feeling a touch flat!

OK Mt Isa, watch out!
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I seemed to get along well until a headwind kicked in. Better than vertigo, I said. I watched my speed drop from 20 kmh to 16, 14 and even 12. Forget protection from the wind.

Not a cafe to be seen
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I sensed the wind was a storm front and decided, after 50 km, to have a big break in the hope that conditions might ease. Right at that moment a fellow slowed and yelled "Mate, do you need water?" I was probably fine but why not grab a litre just in case. Thank you, Brendan. After a brief chat, I hid from the wind and drank three cups of tea and a coffee while admiring this ancient swing.

They don't make them like this anymore
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It was a terrific decision to stop early. The wind dissipated and I was back to 3 minute kms. I stopped only for photos on the way to Wyandra.

From the series, "animals that devastate Australia"
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Bill ShaneyfeltWorst invasive animal on earth... Responsible for more extinctions than any other.
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1 year ago
Ian WallisTo Bill ShaneyfeltDear Bill
We have a lot in common. Where do you live now? Are you still cycling? The odd cat or fox on the road is nothing. It just indicates the sheer number out there. Ian
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1 year ago
Bill ShaneyfeltTo Ian WallisI live in Dayton, OH. With deteriorating knees, my cycling has been reduced to about 20 miles on a good day, but most days I get in 10-15. All unloaded and mostly on paved rail trail. Occasionally, I am able to have a meetup with a touring cyclist doing a journal here or on the "other" site. Always fun to ride out and maybe put in a few miles with one of them, meeting face to face. I only live about a mile and a half from the Creekside Trail, which occasionally gets cycle tour traffic.

Yeah, feral cats are everywhere, but worse around civilization because people feed the "cute furry kitties."

We do seem to have lots of common education and interest.
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1 year ago
Black- headed sheep being mustered across the road. You need to be quick.
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Spot the emus
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That's where I'm going
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Lessening of the headwinds, emus, hooded robins and the sulphurous fumes as I reached Wyandra made me smile today. I had pulled a ton after a duck. I filled with water and headed for the beach.

The Warrego lined with river red gums, E. camaldulensis, the most widespread eucalypt.
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Today's ride: 105 km (65 miles)
Total: 1,250 km (776 miles)

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