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May 11, 2023

Day 11 - The first burning hoop - Bradman also got ducks!

Can't believe it but I've woken with vertigo. Same old, same old - slipped off the pillow in deep slumber just like the other time while cycling with Graham and Joel in South Australia.

They helped me tremendously. This time it's up to me. 

I spent the day with closed eyes sitting or lying in the tent. The tent told me there was a tailwind. I tried head exercises to see if I could make those Calcium crystals return to their rightful place in the inner ear. 

I didn't eat all day. Any fluid that went down decided it would rather be up. If the earth spun a little faster on May 11  then thank me.

A spinning selfie
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John GrantIt's a bastard of an affliction ! I know a few people who battle it.
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2 weeks ago
Ian WallisJohn
Just the second time for me. The first, with Joel and Graham in SA, I cycled many kms and could do it if I followed the line on the edge of the road. Looking sideways Sent me all over the show. Flashing lights in a cafe finished me.
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2 weeks ago
Lyla RoganSoo sorry glad you ultimately recovered
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1 week ago

The day ended in triumph. I cooked a big pasta meal and devoured it. I then drank tea and more tea. I sat up for an hour and then went to bed.

Can I do a Bradman and follow a duck with a ton? That will be decided tomorrow.

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Graham SmithSorry to hear you were unwell Ian.
Hopefully it’ll pass quickly. Keep up the fluids & salts.
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2 weeks ago