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September 28, 2010


We enjoyed our meal last night. We watched as an elderly man brought in wheelbarrow loads of wood for the Pizza oven. The TV was blaring and the conversation sounded as everyone was arguing - they weren't. I had a massive meal of delicious tagatelli with a cream sauce of mushrooms - too big for even me to finish and ken had his favourite Pizza with lots of anchovies. The red house wine went down easily.

This morning we delayed our start so we could go to the museum (open it is Tuesday). It is said to be one of the most important museums of Roman finds in North Italy. There was an added bonus, because of our age we got in free! The amber collection is extensive and the craftsmanship amazing - with finely carved figures of animals, flowers shells etc. There is an extraordinary collection of rings some so big and heavy I can't imagine that they were ever worn. Of course this same craftsmanship applies to all the other exhibits.

The ride today was very easy on flat roads with only moderate traffic and often cycle paths through the little towns. We passed through many ordinary little working towns, I always enjoy seeing everyday life. We were having a coffee in one small town when a policeman on a bike came up to us. All my misdeeds flashed through my mind. He was a lovely friendly guy just wanting to know where we had been and where we were going. Suitable impressed he told the whole café and they came up and examined the bikes and us.

This little town is lovely. It has a wonderful old heart that hasn't been destroyed, the tower of the church would I am sure rival that of Pisa for lean. It is Tuesday so the tourist information office is closed! I love Italy but the random closures drive me crazy. It is great to be back in a country where the coffee is good.

The gates into Portogruaro
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Our hotel
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Today's ride: 60 km (37 miles)
Total: 2,817 km (1,749 miles)

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