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July 28, 2022

Munich to Saverne

The first leg of the trip was the  drive from home near Munich to Saverne. It's all autobahn and autoroute and although there was heavy traffic, there was never a real jam as we saw on the road going in the other direction. Phew, thanked our lucky stars.  We took a couple of short breaks and were at our destination around three.

After settling into our room at Hotel Europe, I took a short walk around town while the driver, Janos, took a rest. 

Saverne is a town 23 kilometres to the north-west of Strasbourg in the Bas-Rhin department of Alsace. Best known perhaps for the Chateau des Rohans, the town has an interesting historic centre and is also popular as a base from which to explore the Vosges mountains and the surrounding region

The site of the town of Saverne has long been important as a gateway for trade, dating back as far as Roman times, due to its position at the end of a pass through the Vosges mountains. The importance of the town was further reinforced when the Bishops from Strasbourg established their homes here.

When I walked by the church, I heard the church choir rehearsing so I took a seat in a back pew to listen. I often enjoy amateur music more than polished performances in a concert hall. It is not so impersonal and I feel the energy of the musicians as they play or sing.

Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité where I listened to the church choir rehearse.
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Mighty wrought iron fastenings on the entrance and to the right carved in the stone is an old measurement for wood.
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A nice touch, but I suppose for tourists. In the background some art nouveau.
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In memory of Louise Weiss (1893 - 1983), a French journalist and politician of Alsatian origin, she was above all a great feminist.
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This is from Janos's walk a little later.

Some fine half-timbered facades
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One of the more elaborate facades
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Looking out our hotel window is this canary yellow house front, so characteristic for the daring colors in the towns in Alsace.
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Scott AndersonBlinding! That should wake you up tomorrow morning.
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Suzanne GibsonTo Scott AndersonIt's indelled on my retina.
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And then it was time for dinner. Janos had tete de veau, the best tete de veau he ever had he said. I was happy with fish.

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Keith KleinHi,
Great pictures. Saverne is one of my favorite cities in Alsace. The riding around there is pretty good, too.
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