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Things for small minds to ponder

I had to buy the usual things for my trip--camping gas, chocolate, cookies, peanut butter, SD card, batteries, spare tube, coffee in those little tube things, cat litter, and so forth.  And to be clear the cat litter is not for me specifically, but for Cricket my cat.

I like the non-stinky cat litter, the kind without the "fresh scent" which smells disgusting, much worse then the, er, natural cat deposits, if you catch my drift.  So I always go for the unscented.

But I can't figure out the Arm & Hammer options.  One says Fragrance Free and one says Unscented.   Isn't that the same thing?

For a while I thought that maybe they were just rebranding that option, that maybe they did a focus panel and the cat lover participants said, "Fragrance Free sounds much classier than Unscented," of visa versa.  But now I'm rethinking that hypothesis because the two options keep popping up in new boxes.

Do they actually have two assembly lines with a different formulas?  I find that hard to believe.

None of it make sense.

I bought Fragrance Free but that's beside the point.

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