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Getting There: Four wheels vs. two wheels

For us using European standards, Munich to Durfort is a long car trip. For those used to covering distances in the United States, it would be a trifle. Janos and I decided to take it easy, use lots of small roads and allow four days for the approximately 1,500 km. Last year we cycled it.

From Munich to Durfort by car
Durfort is written in large letters, but no, it is not a large city you should have heard of. It's just a small village where my sister spends her summers.
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That wasn't our plan for this year, but after letting my injured knee recover over the summer there wasn't much time left for long-distance touring. Actually, I wasn't sure if I was going to be up to much touring at all. So we set off in the car with the bikes secured to the bike rack and headed for my sister's house in France. Once in France I would put my knee to the test of loaded cycling in hills.

Through a side-view mirror, darkly. Taking the bicycles for a ride
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Much of the drive follows approximately the same route we cycled last summer but it doesn't look at all familiar as we whiz by. I read the names of the towns on the signs and the impressions from cycling through are still vivid in my memory, yes we have been here, the towns have a face. Of our trip today I will remember little and I am feeling a nostalgic longing for our ride last year.

"Remember Olten, Janos? That's where we sat next to the river with a view to the old covered bridge and had a coffee." Now Olten is nothing more than five letters on a blue sign.
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We stop when the countryside appeals to us, set up our tent for the night, get the bikes off the rack and take a relaxed ride to stretch our legs and feel alive again after sitting in the car for hours.

On our way we check out the beautiful Gorges du Tarn for future touring. The road is narrow but has so many curves that traffic is slow. I think it might make for some very nice cycling.

Some spectacular scenery in the Gorges du Tarn, and probably yet more impressive from the saddle
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