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From France: Between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees by Suzanne Gibson

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Steve Miller/Grampies commented on a photo in Douzens - Lezignan and Villefranche - Durfort: Toi toi toi

Ah, this is a vague cousin to the activity of trying to find addresses that feature in well known movies. For example 17 Cherry Tree Lane from Mary Poppins. There is such a place in London, but it is a very plain place. There is also a Cherry Tree Lane on Mayne Island, near our home on Vancouver Island.

3 years ago
Scott Anderson commented on Gruissan: La mer

That song always makes me think of France and travel, of course. It’s been a siren since I was in high school. And Gruissan! I love this part of the country.

3 years ago