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Santa Rosa del Rio Primero

We had a  lovely break in Miramar but it was time to hit the road again.  With fresh winds forecast for the day we weren't sure how far we would get.  In the end the wind was in our favour for about eighty percent of the time and we managed to push through to Santa Rosa.  We were planning on spending Thursday and Friday  nights in Cordoba but accommodation seems impossible to obtain for the weekend.  Cordoba is almost a hundred  kilometers  from here and the wind forecast suggests we will not make it there by tomorrow night. So our plans are currently in disarray.  We've decided worry about it in the morning. 

Part of today's route was alongside a disused railway line. The flatlands of Argentina are perfectly suited for rail traffic and it is so sad to see the demise of their railway system.
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Tonight's digs is the Hotel President,  far more grand name than what it deserves.  As rough as it is around the edges, it seems quite clean and it is a better bet than sleeping outside  in the wind.  It has become a lot drier as we have traveled westwards and conditions have become a lot more dusty.

Supper is a simple pasta cooked in the bathroom.
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Mike AylingLike the foil disc to prevent heat damage to the surface beneath the stove.
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11 months ago
Jean-Marc StrydomIt's part of the goodies that come with the MSR Universal stove as well as a sile but useful aluminium wind shield. The stove can run off benzine, petrol, paraffin or gas canisters. Currently using petrol which makes the room stink a bit like a service station.
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11 months ago
Jean-Marc StrydomTo Jean-Marc StrydomThat should read "simple" and not "sile".
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11 months ago

Today's ride: 109 km (68 miles)
Total: 1,714 km (1,064 miles)

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