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September 23, 2022

Las Garzas

We made a tactical error by having a rest day in Las Toscas because today, contrary to predictions, was far windier than yesterday.   

Last night we watched a program presented by my favourite Python, Michael Palin, on the glory days of the now much changed British railways. All across the world we have noticed how railways have become the forgotten element in national transport systems and it is no different here in Argentina. This old line ran alongside the RN11 today.
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So it was a long, hard slog to Las Garzas on a busy RN11.  I had been thinking earlier that Argentinian drivers seem a lot better than how I had remembered them, and most do seem to be so, especially the truck drivers, but we had our fair share of idiots on the road today.  With the strong headwind and the flat road we took lots of rests along the way.  Even so, we couldn't wait for the day to end and were pretty knackered by the time we reached the village of Las Garzas. 

Just outside Las Garzas we saw a sign advertising the local service station. If no accommodation could found at least we would be able to shower and have a toilet to use.
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We found  cheap and simple cabaña for the night so we didn't end up sleeping outside the local YPF.  We have another fifty kilometers on the RN11 tomorrow until the town of Reconquista where we hope to divert onto quieter roads.  The wind is also predicted to die down and, in fact, blow from the north so cycling should be a bit easier.

Today's ride: 79 km (49 miles)
Total: 940 km (584 miles)

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