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September 20, 2022 to September 21, 2022

Las Toscas

We had a suprisingly good sleep next to the motorcycle shed.  We invariably sleep well in the tent.  After a cup of coffee we headed back to the YPF to use their toilets, at which point I discovered that they had showers we could have used the night before.  A great many of the service stations have them so I guess the default should be to expect to find a shower and ask the staff if we don't find one ourselves.

All packed up.
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After that it was another slog into the wind.  It wasn't as bad as yesterday but after forty kilometers we started feeling tired.  Google had indicated a nice apartment block in Las Toscas but we were worried it might be a bit expensive.  At six thousand pesos a night it was but it looked very nice and wildcamping gives us a bit of leeway with our budget.  So we are resting here for a day because Wednesday's wind is predicted to be strong again.  The wind on Thursday is still predicted to be from the south but it will swing to the north for a few days after that so we hope to make some good distance then.  

ATMs that service foreign cards have always been a challenge in Argentina. In the rural towns finding an HSBC or Santander is difficult and many of the local banks won't accept my South African cards.  It was no different at the local Banco de Santa Fe here in Las Toscas.  Google did show a Santander in the town but the location was in the middle of a meat processing plant.  

We stepped into the local church. It was good to see it was unlocked when there was no service on the go.
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We are probably on target to make it to the border at Futaleufu by the time our ninety days runs out and should still have some time to get some interesting stuff done along the way.  Our first target in this respect is Miramar, a town on a saline lake about five hundred kilometers south-west of where we are now.  Hopefully this deliver some good birding as well as a change from the continual flatness through which we have been cycling for the past ten days.

Today's ride: 58 km (36 miles)
Total: 861 km (535 miles)

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