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It was a chily six degrees when we woke up this morning.  The cold had woken us up at three in the morning and we resorted to adding an extra layer of clothing before going back to sleep.  Our little wooden hut wasn't particularly well insulated.

Last night's digs.
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When we did venture outside it was to be greeted by a lovely calm and sunny day.  After all the wind we have put with over the past few days this was like a gift from heaven.  The RN11 was still busy and often unpleasant but it was great to be able to cycle without struggling into the wind.  It was in our faces by the time we reached Reconquista but it was so light as to be of no consequence.  So despite the traffic we had an enjoyable ride.

Not a hill in sight. And so has it been since thirty kilometers outside of Posadas eleven days ago.
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As we entered the outskirts of Avellaneda, the town to the north of Reconquista and separated from it only by a small river, we joined a cycle path which gave us some relief from the traffic on the RN11 and took us all the way to our digs for the night, the Hotel Center.  The hotel doesn't have the best name because it is located a few kilometers south of the center but is well positioned for us to escape southwards in the morning taking a regional road instead of the RN11.

Today's ride: 43 km (27 miles)
Total: 983 km (610 miles)

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