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Jeff Lee

I'm thinking about doing a little tour this fall. One of the states I haven't ridden in is Arkansas. I'd probably start the tour from my home in Henderson, in Western Kentucky, and ride in a generally southwest direction, crossing the Mississippi River on the Hickman Ferry. From there I'd do a little bit of Missouri, and then cross into Arkansas, the first town of which would be Piggott, maybe. (I don't know anything about the place, I just saw it on a map.)

I don't know anything at all about Arkansas, and am looking for advice and routing suggestions from anyone who's toured there. I'd be doing this on a Salsa Fargo mountain bike, so I can handle dirt and gravel, although I'd want to do the majority on paved roads. I value low-traffic roads above almost all else, and after that pleasant scenery (doesn't have to be magnificent scenery) and interesting small towns. I try to avoid larger cities while touring. I'd carry a tent, but probably mostly as a backup, since it's hard for me to sleep on the ground these days.



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8 months ago
Graham SmithTo Jeff Lee

Jeff my afternoon only knowledge of Arkansas is that one of my all time favourite singing story tellers was born in there. So if you do cycle tour Arkansas, keep an eye out for a town called Kingsland, and in your journal let us know if it is making the most of being the hometown of Johnny Cash. 

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7 months ago