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Pictures and descriptions of your bike(s) (page 3)

John SaxbyTo Randy Richert

Thanks, Randy, that's helpful & encouraging.  I've pretty much decided to stick with my Supremes for touring (no problems in a month in the Rockies, ditto in two-plus weeks around East/Central Ontario).

Reflecting on your account, perhaps I just had a rash of bad luck.  I'm thinking to try the Compass Naches Pass again for day rides with my Raven, come spring.

Because of my less-than-encouraging experience with Compass so far, though, I opted for 700 x 35 Supremes for my derailleur Eclipse bike this past autumn.  Part of the reason for that is that I'll be using the Eclipse in the Queensland/NSWborder range in March/April, and the road debris there can shred tires.

Cheers,  John

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1 month ago
Jacquie GaudetTo Mike Ayling

My first short tours were on department-store mixte-frame bikes and I don't have any photos.  I replaced the Sears Free Spirit I bought when I was 16 after 3 or 4 years when my then boyfriend commented on its weight and said no wonder I had trouble with uphills.  The new one was a step up in quality, a Sekine, lighter but not by much.

In 1987 I bought my Miyata 615GT with 50 cm diamond frame.  It was too big, but the smaller model had a 24" front wheel and felt funny to ride--plus I'd have to carry two sets of spares.  Below is the only photo I have of me riding it, taken when I was communicating my desires to Co-Motion.

You can see it's too big. I still ride it around Vancouver, aka the bike theft capital of Canada. The brake levers have been replaced with the more comfortable modern style and the cranks are now 165. Unfortunately, it was impossible for the shop to obtain a 6-speed cluster so the adapted 7-speed means there's an annoying missing gear.

In 2013 I bought a Felt ZW4 carbon road bike, size XS, that fits fairly well.  What a revelation!  In 2014, I ordered my custom-sized Pangea.  It offers all-day comfort, though like the Miyata, it's capable of carrying way more than I could pedal up a hill at the cost of unnecessary weight.  There's a photo of me on it in my profile, but to give you an idea, here's my 5'10" husband checking the operation of the gears:

Fit is important! 5'10" Al on 5'0" Jacquie's bike.
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14 hours ago