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‘History of Bike Packing’ Article of interest

Graham Smith

I found this article by Joe Cruz to be interesting. Despite its title, it covers topics broader than ‘bike packing’ and is really more about the history of adventure cycling. And as Joe says in the article, it’s hard to discuss the history of bike packing without looking at the entire history of cycling.

The adaptation of bicycle design to meet the changing needs and styles bicycle travellers caught my attention. Especially the impact of mountain biking on travel bike designs.


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6 days ago
George HallTo Graham Smith

Very interesting!  Here's a history of adventure bicycle travel that adds to the discussion (targeted at U.S. adventure bicycle traveling, but still pertinent);  

Comes With Baggage Movie

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5 days ago
Graham SmithTo George Hall

Thanks George. That’s great viewing. The theme of ‘speciation’ is a useful one to a biologist like me. Makes sense.

I’ve been re-reading a 1980 Australian book in preparation for a long tour next year.

It’s fascinating to me. The focus is more on the impact of the bicycle to rural people, and rural travel, including workers. 

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5 days ago