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Touring Cyclists on Google Maps

Karen Cook

Well heck.  I ran across this and feel it would be wrong not to post it. 

Has anyone else come across touring cyclists on google maps?

Click to see Touring Cyclist in Oregon

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1 week ago
Gregory GarceauTo Karen Cook

Yes, but only once and, coincidentally, I was on tour myself at the time.  I was scouting out some eastward route options in the Greenfield, MA public library.  I thought it was pretty cool to see a bike tourist, but I didn't take the route he was on because I  found a more direct route to Boston and I thought I knew better than that guy.  In retrospect, the route I chose (Highways 2 and 2A) turned out to be probably the worst possible option.  That was early in my bike touring career and I didn't really give much consideration to things like heavy traffic and disappearing shoulders.  

Another time I saw one of those little Google camera cars at an intersection.  I didn't know what it was at the time and I'll be damned if I can remember exactly where it was. 

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1 week ago
Karen CookTo Gregory Garceau

Believe it or not I see touring cyclists on google maps fairly often.  Probably because I like to scout routes ahead of time for shoulders, traffic patterns, etc. 

I will post more when I see them.

I also get passed regularly by the google car when I am riding.  I have been on google maps before while riding.  Too bad you don't remember where you saw the google car.  If you look about 6 months after you might see yourself, though I have noticed lately that they will erase cyclists/people sometimes.

Thanks for the reply.  If you run across any post them here, we can create a collection.

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1 week ago