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First touring bicyclist over Trail Ridge Road this year

Jeff Teel

With perseverance and good timing, this Frenchman is making his way across the US, east to west.

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11 months ago
Jeff LeeTo Jeff Teel

We're taking a day off in Salida, Colorado today, as my wife and I drive to Oregon, where I'll start a coast-to-coast tour on the 10th. When we checked into the motel yesterday, a couple of touring cyclists rode up. They apparently started on the Western Express in San Francisco much earlier than I would have thought was feasible, and have had quite a bit of snow and cold rain so far.

It might just be me, but: I'd always rather be hot than cold on a bike tour.

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11 months ago
Jeff TeelTo Jeff Lee


Pierre-Francois (Pierre) has had an abnormal number of days riding through rain and cold since his start on April 21 from New York. You know how this spring has been in the Midwest.

This is Pierre's first bicycle tour ever! He's figuring out the route as he goes, which is mostly straight west. This had him crossing Iowa on Route 2 - and the bridge to Nebraska City just ten days after it reopened.

I see your route is well-planned, thanks to John Egan. I agree with you that being cold is no fun on a bike trip. That's one reason my yearly trips lately have been in August.

Wishing you tolerable temperatures and fair skies as you make your way east.


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11 months ago