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How To Archive A Journal?

George Hall

How do you save a copy of your journals for archive purposes? I suppose I could print off 1 page at a time to a PDF print driver. I have copies of my original photos and videos.  Any recommendations for a way to download and save the entire journal?  

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3 weeks ago
Brent IrvineTo George Hall

I don't have the answer but I was thinking the same thing just yesterday. I was wondering how to have them in a pdf so I can print them off and bind them together.

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3 weeks ago
Rich FrasierTo George Hall

I did some searching and found this page:

Unfortunately neither option specified there is free.  The first option, "PDFmyURL" costs $19 a month to get the option to follow links, which you would need to save an  entire journal. 

The second option, Adobe Acrobat Pro, is really expensive, if memory serves me.  But there might be a way to get a 30-day trial version, download your pages, and then  abandon it before you have to pay.

Or maybe someone on CycleBlaze has a subscription to Acrobat Pro already and would be willing to run it to back up your pages and send you the pdf results?   Just a thought...

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3 weeks ago
Rich FrasierTo George Hall

Sorry, I should have looked a bit harder.

I've found a Chrome extension called "Website to PDF".  You need to be running the Chrome browser, and you need to install this extension.  Here's a link to the extension:

Once installed, you should restart Chrome and navigate to the top page of your journal.  Then click on the little extension icon at the right of the URL bar at the top of the screen.  (Sorry I can't put a screenshot in).  

This will drop down a menu of extensions.  Select "Website to PDF".  The page will reload with the top page and all lower-level pages as a single html page.

Once this page is loaded in Chrome, select "Print".   In the Print dialog, select "Save as PDF".  This should allow you to save all the files as a single PDF file.

There are some severe limitations with this tool.  First, it's limited to 39 sub-pages.  So it won't work for long journals.  Second, it doesn't seem to save RideWithGPS maps properly.  And third, there is a bunch of header information generated by the tool that appears within the pdf file, sometimes seeming to cover text from the journal.  Still, it gives a reasonable backup of a journal in some cases.


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3 weeks ago
Rich FrasierTo Rich Frasier

I've found a better, easier way to download your journals.

Unfortunately, this will only work on a Mac computer.  It uses an application called "SiteSucker", which can be downloaded from the App Store for about 5 dollars or euros.

Here are the steps to download a journal:

  1. Launch SiteSucker
  2. Click the gear on SiteSucker’s window to access the settings   
  3. In the settings “General” tab, select a destination folder
  4. In the settings “URL” tab, select “Directory” for the URL Constraint.   
  5. Click OK to close SiteSucker’s settings
  6. With any browser, navigate to your journal index page (the one that shows a list of all the entries)
  7. Copy the url from the brower (at the top of the browser usually)
  8. Paste the copied url into the top url field in SiteSucker 
  9. Hit return or click the “download” button at the top of the SiteSucker window 
  10. The download should start and is complete when all of the “Status” values in the left hand column of the sitesucker window show “Idle”.
  11. To see your downloaded journal, navigate to the destination folder and click on the file “_downloads.html”.  It contains a link to the downloaded pages.
  12. You can download multiple journals this way.  Just go back to step 6 and navigate to the next journal you would like to download.  The "_downloads.html" file will contain links to all the journals you have downloaded.


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1 week ago